Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day Three Hundred Fifty Four





Day Three Hundred Fifty Three



They’re his present!

treats for Bruno

Day Three Hundred Fifty Two


We’re all snowed in and gettin’ lazy!

more lazy

Day Three Hundred Fifty One


Sometimes it’s all there is.


Day Three Hundred Fifty



tickles at Christmas

Technically terrible. The mom in me is in love!

Day Three Hundred Forty Nine


Isn’t he handsome?



We were on a Christmas shopping date. Together. No kids.

Of course we grabbed a burger at Dandy’s Drive In. I took his picture.

The terrible people in the car across from us laughed...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day Three Hundred Forty Eight


Irish Crème Hershey’s Kisses. ‘Nuff said!

irish kisses

Day Three Hundred Forty Seven



Day Three Hundred Forty Six


I woke up way too early on this Sunday Morning, but the sight of the freshly decorated tree always takes my breath away. So, like any born photographer would, I grabbed my camera sometime just after 12:30 and tried to keep the memory forever.

quiet December morning

Day Three Hundred Forty Five


tree decorating.1


tree decorating.2

tree decorating.3

tree decorating.4

tree decorating.5

Day Three Hundred Forty Four


tree shopping.1

tree shopping.3

tree shopping.2

Day Three Hundred Forty Three


Charlie Brown’s Tree...

charlie b's tree

Day Three Hundred Forty Two


My guy’s best buddies...

best friends

Day Three Hundred Forty One


My D7000 Fund.

Nerd smile


(I’m going to need a bigger jar, I think)

D7000 fund

Day Three Hundred Forty


day's 'til...

Day Three Hundred Thirty Nine


The first Christmas gift has appeared in our home,

from one sister to the other.

I’d fill you in on the secret, but that would ruin the surprise.

first gift

Day Three Hundred Thirty Eight


In recognition of our annual “Civil War”

University of Oregon vs. Oregon State University

civil war


Ducks won! 37-20...

Good day to be a Duck!

Day Three Hundred Thirty Seven


I spent yesterday super sick.

Today, I recover. This is part of that  master plan:


Day Three Hundred Thirty Six



our lights

Day Three Hundred Thirty Five


Counting Down...

Countdown Chain

Day Three Hundred Thirty Four


ice, ice baby!

Day Three Hundred Thirty Three


Today I received a Christmas card… with images from a practice session I did a few weeks ago.

Kinda cool to see it in print.

My First Christmas Card!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day Three Hundred Thirty One


She’s going back to school. He seems to know this. She’s ready for Christmas break. I’m so dead for posting this. It looks like when she was four.

Bruno & Hailey


Day Three Hundred Thirty


I found him like this, watching “Old Yeller”,

In Thanksgiving weekend afterglow.

Yeller Feet

Day Three Hundred Twenty Nine







Day Three Hundred Twenty Eight


I want to remember this day.

I woke up at four a.m. and sat in the big chair, thinking about how absolutely sweet it is to take time to be thankful in the dark with my college daughter, healthy family,  and our priceless friends sleeping under our roof.

In the light of the loneliness and uncertainty (and, yes, blessing) of the past two years, this moment and this day were amazingly... mmm!



Thankful Gallahers

Crazy Thanks

Day Three Hundred Twenty Seven


Another cheat because today was much to busy preparing for Thanksgiving dinner and the arrival of my daughter and our life-long friends to take any pictures. SO!

These are from tomorrow...


Sledding Hill


Day Three Hundred Twenty Six


Just some from my session a little more than a week ago...

It’s what I’m doing!

If your name is Lois, look away!





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