Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day Two Hundred Nine


My Morning Walk between storms...

Grass Silhouette

Heaven Skies

Day Two Hundred Eight


Stormy Weather...

Crescent Creek Skies


Stormy Sunrise

Day Two Hundred Seven


From the rising of the sun

Foggy Sunrise

To the setting of the same,

Firey Sunset

The Name of the Lord is to be praised!”

Two Hundred Six


-Oregon Mom- Chai

Day Two Hundred Five


There was a belated birthday sleepover.

They are fourteen.

There was a waterballoon fight.

Gotta love it!

(in the middle of it all, she loves her brother)


Day Two Hundred Four


Girls at the Park...

Gracie's Death Wish

Hailey In a GAP Dress

And again, because I love it so much...

Beautiful Girls...

Day Two Hundred Three


Summer Feet and Saltwaters...

In my defense, she wouldn’t hold still!

Summer Feet and Salwaters

Day Two Hundred One


Okay. This is where I need to explain that, somewhere along the way, my MO left for vacation and she took my JO with her...

Yes, my focus Mojo had (has? We’ll see...) left and I’m hoping to welcome her back with open arms, should she choose to return.

It must be my camera.

I seem to be able to do flowers okay, but faces have been elusive.

There’s much more studying to be done by ME!


Which leads me to why I have a photo of our visiting friends where his eyes are closed and I’ve cropped awkwardly. All of the other shots (and some to come) are OOF!


I still very much enjoyed the day. Miss you guys!

The Robinsons




Somewhere within the past two weeks, we acquired Roger the tadpole. This was thanks to our church’s Summer program for kids.

Their lifespan is supposed to be a short one...



Day One Hundred Ninety Nine


Les Fleurs de Sleepover

Day One Hundred Ninety Eight




This is the day my youngest girl turns fourteen!

She’s on the left.

Her brother and our neighbor made a sidewalk chalk birthday card for her...

Sidewalk Chalk


Days One Hundred Eighty Seven through One Hundred Ninety Seven


Okay. So this is how I will catch up.

These days were mostly a busy loop which included my daily walk with my friend. I will simply post eleven photographs from these walks which may or may not accurately represent eleven different days. They are all, however from our walks during this period of time…


Amy's Flower... Again


Artsy-Fartsy Dandelion

Bright Pink Flowers and a Rock


Dandelion- B&W

Natural Dandelion

Purple Flowers

Queen Anne's Lace

Purple Flower 2...too

Purple Flower 2

Yelloy Spikey Flower

Day One Hundred Eighty Six



We had them for the beach yesterday (giant marshmallows and all), but it was very windy and sandy, so we brought them home and made them over the grill today. Mmmm...


Day One Hundred Eighty Five


Our Beach Holiday...

Beach Kids

Beach Grass 3 

Beach Dad

Beach Grass 2

Grace & Brennan... Beach

Beach Grass

Tackle- Beach

Dad & Bren- Beach

Days One Hundred Eighty Three and Four


Sunrise Walk...

or what can happen when you venture out at 5:00 a.m. because yesterday’s sunrise was spectacular.

My Sunrise Walk- Newberry Crater


My Sunrise Walk- Fire


My Sunrise Walk- Fire 2

Sunrise Birds


Day One Hundred Eighty Two


Walking Buddy...

Gracie's Curb

Day One Hundred Eighty One


I miss you, friend...

Lonely Piano

Day One Hundred Eighty


Aunt Lois’ Awesome Chair...



Day One Hundred Seventy Nine



I love even just the look of a book... the pages.

Day One Hundred Seventy Eight


My new scarf…

I love the colors. They make me think of the beach!


Ocean Scarf

Day One Hundred Seventy Seven


Dad took B. to the High Desert Museum for his “Birthday Date”

…He also took my camera, so this is “my” photo of the day.  :)


Brennan At HDMuseum