Friday, September 17, 2010

Day Two Hundred Sixty!


I may be starting to get a feel for what I like in a processed photo.

To anyone who sees this, realizing that I know I still have FAR to go, please offer your opinion.

(this photo is eligible for today because I’ve spent way too much time working on the processing. :D)


Which One?

Duryea, B&W MaKenna 2


Duryea, B&W MaKenna

Day Two Hundred Fifty Nine


It truly NEVER ends, does it?

And this is only half of my pile for the day.

I had to watch Glee yesterday, didn’t I?

The Never Ending Mountain

Day Two Hundred Fifty Eight


We were late coming to Glee. We just started this Summer.

We are hooked.

We needed, desperately, to catch up with season one before the season two premier next week. So we watched most of three DVDs today.

That’s right. Back to back. No commercials.

We get to watch the season premiere together before Hailey returns to school.

It makes us SO happy!



Day Two Hundred Fifty Seven


Open House in a Brand New School

Open House

Day Two Hundred Fifty Six


I’ve been waiting for this C.D for over five years now.

I met this beautiful person at a pastor’s wives retreat. I went with my best friend from high school.

Gretchen led the worship, and I was being skeptical. “Church” had been hard on us. I was burned out as the worship leader in our church, and I was sorely in need of authentic, organic worship.


This girl’s music began to heal the cracks that were starting to form in my dry soul.

I wasn’t the only one in the room that first night who responded to her spirit and her beautiful voice. She ended up finding a way for us to take home a C.D. of five tracks that she had on her ( or someone’s)computer.


My family has worn it out. I used it to pray, heal, grow... (and voice exercises! :D)

After MUCH prayer, preparation, and hard work, my (signed, thank you!) copy of her first album is in my hot little hands AND on my iPod.

And it’s just amazing!

Here’s a link if you like gorgeous piano and a voice that makes Carly Simon think, “I WISH!”

And the music of a person with her soul laid open before her God...

Gretchen Jester- Authentic & Beginning

Favorite CD

Day Two Hundred Fifty Five


Oregon’s Crater Lake

I’ve lived here all my life and I’ve never been.

So, we loaded up and drove the hour and a half to view a stunning national park. You should go. Amazing!

Crater Lake 1

Crater Lake 2

Crater Lake 3

Crater Lake 4

Cater Lake- The Fam

Day Two Hundred Fifty Four


I was buttoning the overalls my youngest daughter had proudly chosen to wear on her first day of Kindergarten. Too excited to sleep much.

My four month old son was cooing in his bouncy seat and my ten-year-old girl and her Dad were still sleeping.

I watched the news every morning- just like this one. I was also sleep-deprived with the new baby, and all.

So when the first plane hit and Peter Jennings broke in with the news, things didn’t register past, “Wow… what a bad accident.”

But as reality took over, the realization came that planes held people and buildings held people and then, the second plane...

How could we ever forget? But I make a point to remember anyway.

This movie, though rough around the edges, is excellent.


Day Two Hundred Fifty Three


From yesterday...

Juniper Berries

I’m convinced that I will never, EVER be able to capture the beauty in a sunset...

Maybe that’s just as it should be.

But I keep trying.

Thousand Trails Sunset

Thousand Trails Sunset 2

Thousand Trails Sunset 3

Thousand Trails Sunset 4