Monday, March 22, 2010

Day Eighty

The Jelly Bean Project...

There are many more of these. Working on focus, mostly.
By the time I finished, I was entertaining a serious sweet tooth. 
Made it out of there having only four (maybe five) of them.

Day Seventy Nine

He Rocks!!

Another lazy Saturday. After many years of no free Saturdays, we treasure these. I think that, soon, we'll move on and decide to fill some of them with activity. But not quite yet.
This time, we rented Lego Rock Band.
One of his favorites is "We Are the Champions".
Go, my little Freddie Mercury!

Day Seventy Eight

Proof of Life

I was beginning to wonder.
We live in the middle of the central Oregon Cascades. And, while this affords beautiful mountain views and the bluest skies, it also can be a brown, frozen wasteland in the late winter months...
I miss blossoms and green lawn and, well, LIFE!

So, imagine my joy as I spotted these beautiful blooms, right outside of Red Robin.


Day Seventy Seven

Studying too hard...

The final's tomorrow. Last one. My guy is exhausted.
Can't wait for Spring Break next week!

Day Seventy Six

Some green for the seventeenth...

She saw me, I believe, with my camera out of the corner of her eye.
This is what I interpret as her, "Okay, Mom. DO it if you must," look.
But those green eyes and the golden hair. My stunning girl.

This is, incidentally not only St. Patrick's day, but our TWENTIETH ANNIVERSARY!!

Day Seventy Five

A little teriyaki chicken and the company of our oldest daughter in a wonderfully quirky setting makes for a beautiful Tuesday lunch.

Day Seventy Four

I admire his tenacity. He works hard at the things he loves.