Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day One Hundred Forty Six


Where My Heart Is...


Day One Hundred Forty Five


I live in Central Oregon, and the best part of that for me is that we have WAY more sunshine and blue skies in any given year than most of the rest of the Northwest. This year, however, this has been little more than a rumor or a fading legend.

It is nearly June and I have yet to see clear skies this week.

This is a shot resulting from the excitement I felt today as I saw an honest to goodness shadow. A shadow means sun, no?

Camera on, framed, metered (no… don’t go!), focused, and…


If you squint and use your imagination, you’ll see the tail end of it. It’s a shadow of the bottom of the porch spindles… see?

That’s all there ever was on this day. Maybe tomorrow.



Day One Hundred Forty Four



Day One Hundred Forty Three


Love from my boy...


Day One Hundred Forty Two


Mother’s Day, Redeux.. .


Actually, I’ve been wanting to share more of my gifts since the one from my son showed up on Day 127 (I believe).

Mother’s Day has been muddled for me ever since my oldest was born in May. Ten years later, plus one day, her little brother was born. Their sister is precisely in the middle- five years from either end. This compliant one, however, was born in July, which doesn’t bump up against any other family event. But, just to be fair, we’ve moved two times on her birthday week. I know. Kinda smells like getting even, doesn’t it?


Back to Mother’s Day...

I believe that Mother’s Day, more than a day for me to kick back and be waited on, is a day for me to reflect on these blessings that are my children. They are my greatest Earthly treasure, and, yet, not mine at all. I’ve given them to God.

My youngest daughter knows how I love her artistic heart and I treasure this card she colored for me. The flip flop keychain is no small deal, either. I had “oohed” over it at Old Navy one day. She remembered and went back to get me one. I love the colors. I love her.


My oldest, as a complete surprise (since she’s in her Freshman year in college) bought a book for me that I had been wanting for years. It came in a beautiful bag. We met her at school for her birthday, and she completely floored me with her thoughtfulness. Love her, too.