Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day Two Hundred Fifty Two


A Day With My Oldest Girl...

Hailey's Edge

Hailey's Fountain

Hailey's Gate

Hailey's Heaven

Hailey's Legs

Hailey's Pepsi

Day Two Hundred Fifty


“Healthy” Hot Dog...

Hot Dog

Day Two Hundred Fifty


First Day of School...

Brennan's First Day

In my defense, she would NOT hold still… and it was early. But she’s my girl and I had to represent her.

Blurry Grace

Brennan's Shoes

Day Two Hundred Forty Nine


Big Sucker 3

Day Two Hundred Forty Eight



Day Two Hundred Forty Seven


Some from the next practice session...

I have so much to learn about processing, but I gave it a go.

My goal is to go “clean”, but I still have fun with presets...

I’ll get more serious next time. Probably.


Duryea, McKenna 2

Duryea, Cute Kenna

Duryea, Jesse 3

Duryea, Shadows

Duryea, B&W w-Amy

Duryea, SC

Day Two Hundred Forty Six


Last Day Walking...  together

(my daughter and my buddy)

Last Day Walking Together

Day Two Hundred Forty Five


My first practice session since my film days...

B&W Rebecca

Color Rebecca- close2

I need to figure out how to sharpen this eye…

Color Rebecca- close

J&R- hands

James' Toes

James' Tooth

J&R- sticky kiss