Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day Three Hundred Thirty One


She’s going back to school. He seems to know this. She’s ready for Christmas break. I’m so dead for posting this. It looks like when she was four.

Bruno & Hailey


Day Three Hundred Thirty


I found him like this, watching “Old Yeller”,

In Thanksgiving weekend afterglow.

Yeller Feet

Day Three Hundred Twenty Nine







Day Three Hundred Twenty Eight


I want to remember this day.

I woke up at four a.m. and sat in the big chair, thinking about how absolutely sweet it is to take time to be thankful in the dark with my college daughter, healthy family,  and our priceless friends sleeping under our roof.

In the light of the loneliness and uncertainty (and, yes, blessing) of the past two years, this moment and this day were amazingly... mmm!



Thankful Gallahers

Crazy Thanks

Day Three Hundred Twenty Seven


Another cheat because today was much to busy preparing for Thanksgiving dinner and the arrival of my daughter and our life-long friends to take any pictures. SO!

These are from tomorrow...


Sledding Hill


Day Three Hundred Twenty Six


Just some from my session a little more than a week ago...

It’s what I’m doing!

If your name is Lois, look away!





soft megan.coat.FB

artsy fartsy path walk.FB

Day Three Hundred Twenty Five


Snowy Silhouette

Day Three Hundred Twenty Four


The first Christmas decorations...

Okay. I’m officially in the mood for this!

Christmas Piano


Day Three Hundred Twenty Three



(yes, already)


Day Three Hundred Twenty Two


As we head into next week where the smell of freshly baked rolls, turkey and cranberries meet with exhaustion, resulting in the loss of all common sense, I want to remind myself that I love these shorts and that my goal is to wear them comfortably next Summer...

Winter Reminder

Day Three Hundred Twenty One


Scrambling to fill my quota as I prepare for out of town guests for Thanksgiving…

I can’t WAIT!

Lead Me...

Day Three Hundred Twenty


There’s not much that two buddies who are homeschooled would rather do than have a sleepover. Good times.


Day Three Hundred Nineteen


If you’ve ever transferred all your photo files from your computer’s drive to one of these, particularly if good organization of these files came to you late in the game…

Then you know what this day has been like for me.



Day Three Hundred Eighteen


I did a practice session this weekend. I had fun shooting my own kids and some scenery while we waited for the “clients” to show up.



Optimistic Apple

Silly Grace

Pioneer Sunset