Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day Nine

Saturdays are set aside for a photo walk.
There's a group for this on Facebook that I've joined.  I love this idea. 

Today, we were in Bend and we ended up at Farewell Bend Park. Brennan climbed a rock or two, we saw a brown, fluffy Newfoundland puppy, who was bigger than our lab/beagle- and he was only four months old! The ducks and the sun were out and Gracie and I had this assignment to do. I LOVE that we are doing it together...

 (I really need to work on focus in a situation like to get everyone in there clearly!)

Day Eight

This is the thing...
Some days, it seems as though, in the middle of this winter, there are only a couple of hours of daylight. It may also seem as though there is nothing photo-worthy in my entire neighborhood that has gone unrecorded by me and my camera. I can only shoot so much yellow grass, so many dry evergreens. And I'm over snow.

This is where the stretching of this project comes in.
I was forced to find something in the low light inside my house to make a shot that is just a bit meaningful...

I really love Billy Graham.
He's one who has LIVED this walk in truth and true, Christ- like love for others. He hasn't lived running his own agenda or by marketing his own "Christian" brand. He really has been a true servant to God and man.
He's on my top five of those I'm most excited to look up in Heaven.
And, on this day, his words have lifted me up!