Monday, February 1, 2010

Day Thirty Two

Blue Monday

Well, my watermark is still under construction, and things were glitchy when I was making it. So, yeah, don't "cop" my photo. :D. I'll fix it later.
This is actually from yesterday. Believe it or not, today is back to cloudy skies and snow.
Way too depressing.
I have to remind myself that I said this would be my project my way. So I'm not cheating by posting yesterday's photo today.
I'm really very impressed that I've done a month so far. I really love what it's doing for me!

Day Thirty One

I love this place. Sunday after church is such a nice time for a walk...

If you look closely, you'll see my husband and son leaning over the railing, looking at the ducks.

Coming soon:
Way more pictures of people!

Day Thirty

We made a promise to our son, who's obviously neglected (NOT) that we would make a family game night. I've had so much fun with this. However, this Friday, I was exhausted and we asked if we could do it Saturday afternoon, instead. We got the O.K. and that's what we did.

It was Apples to Apples in a manner so cutthroat that I expect Oliver Stone to call any minute for permission to review the controversy in his next film. Sandra Bullock will play me. My husband would love that!
First of all, the rules have you play until one player has either five cards or seven. I forget. Anyway, little buddy saw his opportunity and declared that, this time, we will play to twelve.
Yeah. Twelve.

We ended up in a four-way, eleven card tie. What makes this more difficult is that we take turns being the judge. This meant that on the final turn, the judge CAN NOT win.
Whoever wins the card does win. All of it. The whole enchilada.
Well, in our case, half of a tuna sandwich.
Turns out the victory went to my daughter. I still say that Captain Kirk fits the nerdy card way more than the black hole or penguins or marshmallows. He's the poster guy for nerds worlwide!!
But I digress...

My son got his game day (and I mean DAY) and his sister emerged the victor.

Oh... it's on!

Note: no one else was willing to be photographed because we stayed in our jams all day.

Day Twenty Nine




Day Twenty Eight

Truth is, I'm WAY over winter. I lasted longer this year, but I am here now. A bit pouty.

I cringe to look outside and see what looks like Christmas for months on end. I'm ready for flowers and kids on bikes...

Since this project, for me, is about growing in my photography, I need to work with what I have. This has been valuable experience.
Here's our tree. With a pinecone. And snow.

I kind of like this: