Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day Two Hundred Seventy Four


I guess, when you’re in High School, Fridays after school are the perfect time for a floor nap...

Gracie's Nap

Day Two Hundred Seventy Three


I made the dress for a practice session I’m doing Saturday.

It’s blue. A bit out of focus. And, apparently from the picture, linty.

Kenna's Dress

Day Two Hundred Seventy Two


I began today walking in the fog with my son and the Bruno...

B&B walk


Before it was over, I had made a dress. I miss sewing!


Day Two Hundred Seventy One


I lost a lot of the momentum I had gained from my Summer walking routine.

This day and this image represents me,

Doing what I don’t feel like doing...


Sometimes, that’s all a day needs to accomplish!

Walkin' Shoes

Day Two Hundred Seventy


I did a super-fun session yesterday with family.

I’m taking my time processing it since I’m learning and I want to do it right.

But I ended up with some “outtakes”. Here are a couple...

FT Outtake-Gus & Megan

FT Outtake-car