Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day Fifty Eight

Blue Moon...

So, can I call myself a photographer now?
Because, this early morning (some would argue, the middle of the night), I noticed the bright reflection of light on our back fence. I had my blankets and socks in hand, hoping to catch another couple of hours of sleep on a Saturday morning, laying on the big couch...
But I thought this might be awesome and I couldn't ignore it. 
So, there I am on the front lawn, 3:00 A.M., camera in hand, barefoot on the deck in sub-freezing temperatures.
Just so I could shoot the moon.

Good enough for George Bailey, good enough for me!

Note: The white spot, roughly in the center of the shot is not a speck on my lens, as I first suspected. I'm not an Astronomy expert- can't say what it is, but it looks cool, right?


Day Fifty Seven

This piano is a complete blessing to my family.
It represents dreams fulfilled and my favorite way to worship.
My oldest never hesitates to remind me that, "I get that when you guys die."
Sweet, isn't she!


Day Fifty Six

"Sleeping Sun"


When our youngest daughter was in third grade, they were encouraged to paint a canvas and submit it for an art auction.which would benefit something or other.
We went, expecting to buy her painting
(you know, like any good parent would)
only to find out that this piece was quite popular.
We ended up having a bit of a bidding war with one of the teachers.
I'm in love with this... and my artist.

Day Fifty Six

Thanks, friend, for walking with me.


Actually, thank you for calling and being firm with me when I could have blown it off another time.
Thanks for your patience and conversation.
Thanks for being a true (and a bit camera shy) friend.


Day Fifty Five

There's something about roll dough.

 I feel so... gratified when I make rolls for my family. I've pretty much nailed it, after 20 or so years of baking them on major holidays and random, feel-good dinners. Like tonight .

So I took a moment to breathe it in.