Monday, September 27, 2010

Day Two Hundred Sixty Nine


FT sneak peek, shoes

FT sneak peek, B&W

My biggest practice session yet...

I can’t wait to process the rest!

Day Two Hundred Sixty Eight


Go Ducks!!

Oregon won! I can’t find the score, but it’s true.

B (in silly glasses) and Dad waiting to “Quack Out Loud”... guy’s night in.

Waiting to Quack Out Loud

Day Two Hundred Sixty Seven


From the other day (but processed today)...

Aww... Gus 

She wanted an edgy “Sweeny Todd” sort of shot...

It’s hard to look fierce when a kitty snuggles you.

Day Two Hundred Sixty Six


We delivered our oldest daughter to her new dorm room on an appropriately grey day. Her room this year is a vast improvement from the tiny old one she was in last year.

This is her window...

O Window

Here’s her view.

The lights from historic Hayward field are in the distance and the volleyball court is right under her window.

If you look across the courtyard, you can see her room from last year.

I want to be there.

O View

After the move, we had lunch at Dickie Jo’s (why does everyone giggle?)


At the end of a dark, melancholy (but super fun) day, the sunset made an appearance in the rearview mirror. Wrap Thursday!

Sunset Behind...