Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day Nineteen

Here they are...

My son had a day. Hit in the face with a ball in P.E. Hard enough to bring some tears.
Quite a raspberry on his cheek. (I'm not sure if it shows here)

My daughter is in eighth grade. That's enough for anyone to put up with in a day. Seriously.
Brave girl.

And Bruno...
Well, he's had some naughty days these past few weeks. He's really the best dog ever.
Today, he's been good and I think he's proud of himself for not getting into stuff.
Or peeing in the house.
Go Bruno!

Day Eighteen

Something blue...

I love the Lightroom action on this, although this really is this kind of blue.
It almost looks like selective color, but it's really "cold tone"

This is getting to be super fun AND addictive!
I find I'm "seeing" photos everywhere I go.