Friday, April 2, 2010

Day Ninety Two

I'm NOT going out there...
At least until I have to go to work, anyway!

(the view from my door)

Day Ninety One

April Fool!
(the old cheese-still-in-the-wrapper sandwich trick)

Day Ninety

I made something!!

My creativity has been a bit buried under a cold winter, but I needed a pouch for my new iPod.
It is meant to be worn across my body so I can do laundry or cook- even when I don't have pockets...
This is what I did today. Not really anything else.


Day Eighty Nine

A brighter day!

B. is on his way to school and it looks like blue skies!
I haven't meant to be grouchy. I just am ready for a change.
I've also realized that I haven't really been exploring new things photography-wise so much lately and have just been kind of  "phoning it in".

This week of "blah" has made me want to learn more again...

This shot is soft, but I love it anyway!



Day Eighty Eight

Is it still snowing?
Let me come out of my grumpy cocoon and see...
Plus, my guy is home sick. I'm SO ready for Spring.
Today I'd settle for color.

Day Eighty Seven

I know, Bruno...
It's been two days since our walks, which we both really look forward to. But the streets are icy and we're, well, cold.
Maybe later this week...

Day Eighty Six

It's a snow storm.