Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day Two Hundred Forty Four


Messy Desk...

Messy Desk


Clean Desk

(and my new favorite organizational doo-hickey)...

Clean Desk

Clean Desk 3                        Clean Desk 2

Day Two Hundred Forty Three


Getting a nineteen-year-old out of bed before dawn in August when the rest of the world is sleeping just to go on a walk with Mom is, in fact, the entire battle.

Getting a smile is the amazing bonus!

Early Hailey

Day Two Hundred Forty Two


I’m Bruno.

Pay attention to me!

Look At Me... I'm Bruno!_

Bruno 2

Day Two Hundred Forty One


The Emmy Awards...


Day Two Hundred Forty


Amy’s Sun...

Amy's Sun

Day Two Hundred Thirty Nine


From Another Day...

But I loved it again today.

Cutie Sisters

Day Two Hundred Thirty Eight


Tedious but Fun Stuff to Do...

Stuff to Do...

Day Two Hundred Thirty Seven


...and this one’s in high school.

Registered today for classes.

High School Registration...

Day Two Hundred Thirty Six


Deuteronomy 6

Deuteronomy 6

Day Two Hundred Thirty Five



So yesterday he was so much my “little boy”.

Today, I cut his hair, and out popped this handsome young man.


B's Haircut

Day Two Hundred Thirty Four



It’s a Butt Cherry!

Butt Cherry

Day Two Hundred Thirty Three



If I can just figure it all out!


Day Two Hundred Thirty Two


Uncle Ron’s Grill...

Uncle Ron's Grill

Day Two Hundred Thirty One


…and the porch

Adorable Potted 2

Iron Kitty

Adorable Potted

Day Two Hundred Thirty


More from the Garden...

B&W Garden Bench Bitty Blooms

Deep Purple

Daisy Path


Red Berry Tree 2

Red Berry Tree 1


Secret Garden Path

Wall & Pansy

Day Two Hundred Twenty Nine



Spotty Skies

Spotty Skies- vintage

Day Two Hundred Twenty Eight


After the Rain...

After the Rain 1


After the Rain 2

After the Rain 3

After the Rain 4

After the Rain 5

Day Two Hundred Twenty Seven



Storm Splash

Aww... Hail!

Day Two Hundred Twenty Six


CC Before the Storm

Day Two Hundred Twenty Five


Rolls and Honey...

Honey Drop


Honey Drop 2

Day Two Hundred Twenty Four


Dirty Feet...

Dirty Feet

Day Two Hundred Twenty Three


Before the Storm...


Before the Storm 1

Before the Storm 2

Before the Storm 3

Day Two Hundred Twenty Two


You know how you can see something in an antique store, and to anyone else, it’s so much garbage…

but it means something to you?


There will be more of these windows...

B&W Window


Window- Rusty Latch