Monday, March 15, 2010

Day Seventy Three

Historic and Peaceful Hendricks Park

I hope to be back here in a few weeks when the rhododendrons are in full bloom.

Oh. And if you're someone who's looking and you happen to notice that this days clothes look an awful lot like yesterday's clothes...
Yeah. I don't know what you're talking about.

Day Seventy Two

The Weekend We Picked Hailey Up For Spring Break...
(aka: the best weekend all year!)

Day Seventy One

This is the look you might get when you bathe your dog for the first time outside since the dead of Winter and the hose spews little icicles out at him.

Day Seventy

Classic Little Brother...
(conversation in the car)
Sister: David Bowie's so weird.
Brother: So are you.
Sister: I meant his movie. It was dumb.
Brother: Well, then. It suits you.
At this point, no one gave it a second thought. This is a familiar kind of conversation in our car.
But then our daughter exclaimed, "Oh my gosh! He's laughing so hard that tears are coming out of his eyes!!"
It's true...

Day Sixty Nine

Quiet Class...

Day Sixty Eight

More snow. A lot more snow!
But we've got the most awesome blue sky!!

Day Sixty Seven

One of my new favorites...

Everyone else has probably known about this for ages, but this is my first Anthropologie catalogue and I have carried it around with me for days!
The photography, alone, is beautiful and thought-provoking (as in, "How would I do that?")

Anyway, in a world where I've seemingly run out of inspiration; on an early, frigid morning...
I offer you a glimpse of the thing I'm going to spend the next half-hour thumbing through (for the tenth time)...

Day Sixty Six

Yep. Still Winter...
This week has been another uninspiring, cold, few days of waiting for Spring to arrive.
More snow.

Day Sixty Five

Looking at this blog, one might begin to wonder if my daughters have fallen off the face of the earth.
Maybe I love the boy better than I love the girls...
No. He's just the ham.
And he's home more than my thirteen-year-old and WAY more than the college girl.
I had determined that his day's shot was actually to go to my middle daughter. I miss seeing her here.
But, as we picked her up in downtown Bend from her sleepover, I realized that her "sleepover makeover" would make it necessary to wait for another day.
They used stuff that STAINED her face! :).
While this may seem like a perfect capture for a project such as this, Mommy (and Daddy) just said NO!

Instead we have the brother, pretending that he's driving us to the beach...
(I'm so thankful that he still has eight years to go before his license!)

Day Sixty Four

 My guy on the school playground with his buddy...