Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day Sixty Three

Even the birds are hiding from the snow.

Spring's coming. Spring's coming. Spring's coming. 
Spring's coming!


Day Sixty Two

Seuss Hangover...
(dark and blurry? Yeah, Me too.)

Because of my new working schedule, Dad's school schedule, and, well, life, we hesitate to add new stuff. But, like many schools, ours hosted a Dr. Seuss night with a corresponding book fair.
My son wanted very much to go, and Dad played hero while I cooked a late dinner (everyone pitched in) and took B to the event.
So, a short night's sleep (and a full series of Indiana Jones books) later, this is how "we" woke up this morning.
He looks like I feel. Only much cuter and with whiskers!

Day Sixty One

I started my job at Kids' Club , which is a before and after school (also Summer) care program, the Fall of 2006. I have loved almost every minute of it. This past Fall, my boss and good friend broke the news that, due to the economy, we simply didn't have enough kids to support two workers. I was jobless, so to speak, from this past September until...TODAY!

Circumstances created a need for me again. I have missed it so much!

Day Sixty

I am loving my daily walks with my friend, Amy.
I take my camera from time to time, trying to find something beautiful, or at least interesting.
 It's a discipline for me as the cold, dry weather drags on.
But I see Spring coming... on the calendar, if nowhere else.
I try to sort of meditate on the quote I see from time to time:


If I am someone who reads, "I am nowhere," which I have tended to be,
I can look long enough to see, "I am now here."

I find it a bit cheesy and "pop-psych", but it struck me just the same.
It helps me adjust my over-wintered, anxious-for-our-"new life stage"  attitude. 



Day Fifty Nine

I've seen some similar shots in the past few days.
I've wanted to do this one for a few weeks now.
But today I'm so anxious for anything to bloom, that I thought maybe, if I give it a little attention...