Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day Eighty Five

This is from a couple of weekends ago at the park.
I'm not cheating, but today is our last full day together before our daughter goes back to school, and I don't know how to get this day on film.

I'm going to keep it just for our own.

Day Eighty Four

...Tapping my fingers. Waiting for it (the snow) to go away.

Day Eighty Three

Looking for some Spring Break fun, my daughters and I decided to take a girl day in Bend. We ended up seeing Remember Me with Robert Pattinson (I know, but it looked good anyway) and Emilie De Ravin (from Lost).

Fun day. Great movie.
I love these girls! I'm proud of who they are.

Day Eighty Two

I love this poem.
My son wrote it last year in second grade.

Day Eighty One

Dinner is leftovers on paper plates...
It's Spring Break. So what?