Monday, January 25, 2010

Day Twenty Four

Yesterday, we left to see our daughter. We were trying to beat a winter storm, due on Sunday afternoon. We set out at around noon. The heavy rain started right away, and we knew that the snow on the pass had come too early. But everyone had school in the morning so, no matter how badly we wanted to just stay with our daughter and our friends, we set out in our Toyota Camry That's right. Not a Highlander or even a Rav 4, but the sedan.

The first picture shows what a beautiful view we had on our way over.
The second shows the mess we had on the way home.
My brave husband tightened his grip and plowed us onward to our safe place and to our dog...
But not before we hit a giant rock (think volleyball size) and bumped over it in a loud, scary fashion. The visibility was bad, and we just didn't see it.

I'm seriously so grateful that we suffered nothing more than a slightly bent rim and frazzled nerves.It could have been so much worse.

This is my weekly self portrait day,
but I promised that I wouldn't let myself be bound by the rules I made for this project, just guided by them.
Maybe in a few days...

Day Twenty Three

Today, we were able to travel go to Eugene to see our daughter, who is in college.
We had lunch with her and took her shopping for laundry soap.
Our dear friends who live there (and help to take good care of our girl) were so kind and invited us to stay with them overnight. We've all been busy, as families tend to be, and haven't spent time together in a couple of years. Lifelong friends are the ones who feel like home.

Here we are...
Lunch, friends, and parking meters.
(We don't have those where we live!)

Day Twenty Two