Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day Twelve

I love this book. I went to college to study it.
After a lifetime of ministry positions, I still love it, though we are readjusting our relationship.
This Word never changes, but our lives do.
This scripture (Psalm 90) has been my prayer for much of my adult life... I just want, in the end, to know that my life's work mattered; that every experience was for a reason.
And that, now, God would bring us to a place where we can bless others.

There's always a hunger for Truth...

Day Eleven

So far, my theme for Mondays is "something blue".
My favorite color is blue and has been for most of my life with little deviations for pink when I was five and purple in the early eighties. Of course. I was in middle school. It's expected.
This is a photo of one of my very favorite blue things. However, in this DARK winter, I had to add light in the room which made it not at all blue... not even with a full on assault in Lightroom.
That's okay.
I know that my incredibly soft (if just a bit nappy) fuzzy throw is a beautiful grey- inspired blue. I like to think of it as the color of our ocean waters here in Oregon (when the water is blue and not green). I'm convinced. Are you?

Day Ten

This day (Sunday) is set aside for a weekly self portrait. Well, don't we all have those days when we're not suited for public consumption? I mean, at all
That was this day. So I put my toes in as a stand- in for me. It's all I had! The day was extra dark. No good light anywhere. We were exhausted from a big week. Nothing's in focus, but that, also, is fitting for the day...

I know I am trying to grow as a person and an artist, but this will have to do!