Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day One Hundred Twelve

 Chuck Taylors and a sunny day...

Day One Hundred Eleven

If you can believe THIS on April 21st!

More snow.
We broke out the bibs and boots and some of us trudged off to school...

Day One Hundred Ten

Pardon my hiccups...

Somehow, I think I lost a day,
but I don't have my stuff together enough at this point
to go find where I went wrong. 
Since this sort of mistake well defines where I am at this point in 2010,
I'll leave it and call it "meant to be".

Who knows what happened to day 109?
Maybe it's saving itself for later. I'm always wishing I had just one more...

But day 110 will be deemed,
"Bruno and the ribs"
He's such a good dog. He just looked.
(he also did some drooling and licked his chops)

Day One Hundred Eight

After a wonderful weekend with the family, the Monday blues have hit hard this week.
I have plans for shooting. I have the subjects and the desired finished product firmly in my artist's imagination...
but today, I'll have to settle for reruns.
I feel like a truck hit me- hard. I hope I'm not coming down with something.
Here are more from Eugene. Or, as I will call it today, "Where I wish I was."

The shadow on this was bugging me, but it's my guy. I still like it.

Presets are fun!

Is this legitimate bokeh?

In any case, I'm CRAVING people!
Enough landscapes and flowers for awhile...

Time to break out the smiles! 

Day One Hundred Seven

More of the Library Quotes...

I've lived in Central Oregon (this time) for five and a half years. I've taken my children to the public library in Bend on several occasions (more when we actually lived IN Bend). So why did it take me until a couple of months ago to notice the quotes all along the front of the building?
I really think this discipline of 365 is making me more observant. More aware.