Monday, April 26, 2010

Day One Hundred Fifteen


After church and a fish taco from Carl’s Jr., Dad had to meet with some classmates to polish the details of a Sociology presentation which is to be given today (Go, Hon!)

We chose to stay on campus and enjoy the beauty of this Spring day.


B under a tree with his book of the moment


Day One Hundred Fourteen


I’m having the best time with Windows Live Writer… Choosing my font and other things that I’ve missed using Blogger alone.

Let me play for a few days, then I’ll settle down.


Today’s photo:



Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day One Hundred Twelve

 Chuck Taylors and a sunny day...

Day One Hundred Eleven

If you can believe THIS on April 21st!

More snow.
We broke out the bibs and boots and some of us trudged off to school...

Day One Hundred Ten

Pardon my hiccups...

Somehow, I think I lost a day,
but I don't have my stuff together enough at this point
to go find where I went wrong. 
Since this sort of mistake well defines where I am at this point in 2010,
I'll leave it and call it "meant to be".

Who knows what happened to day 109?
Maybe it's saving itself for later. I'm always wishing I had just one more...

But day 110 will be deemed,
"Bruno and the ribs"
He's such a good dog. He just looked.
(he also did some drooling and licked his chops)

Day One Hundred Eight

After a wonderful weekend with the family, the Monday blues have hit hard this week.
I have plans for shooting. I have the subjects and the desired finished product firmly in my artist's imagination...
but today, I'll have to settle for reruns.
I feel like a truck hit me- hard. I hope I'm not coming down with something.
Here are more from Eugene. Or, as I will call it today, "Where I wish I was."

The shadow on this was bugging me, but it's my guy. I still like it.

Presets are fun!

Is this legitimate bokeh?

In any case, I'm CRAVING people!
Enough landscapes and flowers for awhile...

Time to break out the smiles! 

Day One Hundred Seven

More of the Library Quotes...

I've lived in Central Oregon (this time) for five and a half years. I've taken my children to the public library in Bend on several occasions (more when we actually lived IN Bend). So why did it take me until a couple of months ago to notice the quotes all along the front of the building?
I really think this discipline of 365 is making me more observant. More aware.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day One Hundred Six

Saturday. The way it's meant to be.
And a look into what seems to be my obsession with old windows.

Day One Hundred Five

One of the first in way too long...

Day One Hundred Four

A girl in the after-school care program where I work wants to be a wildlife photographer when she grows up. We were "talking shop" and she was telling me that sometimes there doesn't seem to be anything interesting enough to take a picture of. I told her that I often feel the same way. When I do,  I have to take something very ordinary and try to find a way to make it interesting.
The next thing I knew, I heard the pencil sharpener whirring way more than usual. I watched this fifth-grader arrange these pencils in a can and use her point and shoot (which she got for Christmas) to "make it interesting".
She did a good job. I asked her if she minded if, since I still had to take a picture for the day, I used her idea...

Day One Hundred Three

A beautiful morning fog was clearing from the neighborhood and gathering around the foothills of our niche in the Cascades.
Some days, one just doesn't tell the story.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day One Hundred Two

Day One hundred One

A throwback to Eugene...

I love Summer, so I thought I'd make it for myself with this Lightroom preset.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day One Hundred!!!!

Can you believe it? 
I stuck with something for a hundred days!
I know. Me neither.

This is a frozen sunrise walk this morning to the ball field at our community park...
Something so nostalgic about this one.
We can see it from our porch.

I loved the dugout as a kid

A tiny cleat print. Aww...

Sunrise over Newberry Crater

This? This is a log.
I was digging the texture...

Day Ninety Nine

The kid from yesterday belongs to a couple of my dear friends. I graduated with his dad and his mom is my boss. Yeah, I know. But it works.
They've opened a candy store in our town and she agreed to let me practice by taking pictures of their stuff. I'd like to go back to get some things right, but I like some of what I got.
Thanks, Jen!

Day Ninety Eight

This is my friend's son. He's such a sweetie!

Day Ninety Seven

I've been pouting and whining about our LATE Spring, really, since February. We live in a place where, honestly, this is the first proof of life I've found. I'm so excited!!


Day Ninety Six

He's a builder.
It's one of the things on his list of what he wants to be when he grows up.
He wants to build a beach house for his dad and I.
I could live with that!

Day Ninety Five

They say a dog is man's best friend.
When we were looking for a dog for this family, I had no idea that I could love him this much...
He's my walking buddy, my foot warmer, my floor cleaner.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Day Ninety Four

He Is Risen!

We have been a bit lonely. This is the first Easter we have spent without our oldest daughter. Sigh. We have two still at home. But we all feel the hole!
  So we made our way to church this morning at Antioch
Besides missing my girl, the day was amazing. I love this church!

The challenge is that we are called to give our lives away, and at the end of that is authentic, sustaining joy.

We shared a fun lunch at Red Robin, complete with comic relief from my son who, when presented with his second root beer before the meal was served, commented about our server (when she was probably not quite out of earshot), "Wow. She's really on it! Dad, you should give her extra."

After, we went home and prepared for the Sunday ritual of lazy.
But I was so pleasantly surprised to get a call from my brother, whom I see not nearly often enough. He and his love were in the neighborhood and wondered if we were doing anything...
It's amazing what light family who are friends can bring to a cloudy, snowy, lonely kind of day.

We played Wii. We laughed. We shared love and eggs.
All this and a raspberry limeade made for a beautiful Easter.

(yep. Still with the noise issues at only 400 iso...?)