Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day Two Hundred Sixteen


This morning was cold and it feels like fall...

Giant Sunrise

red tree

Day Two Hundred Fifteen


Mom and son morning in the park...

Summer Bren

B&W Brennan


This grass would make an awesome bed!

resting on the lawn

The Super-Awesome Headstand...

Super-Awesome Headstand

Feet and Hands

We talked about a lot of stuff…

My Brennan

eyes and freckles

I’m too aware that he won’t be nine forever.

Day Two Hundred Fourteen


Nice Matters

Day Two Hundred Thirteen


B&W Queen Anne's Lace

Day Two Hundred Twelve


I found Bruno just like this. Honest.

He’s not allowed on the chair.

He’s NOT allowed on my freshly washed fuzzy blanket.

And we don’t allow him to read Harry Potter.

He’s too young...


Yeah. He knows he’s in trouble!

Bruno Potter

Day Two Hundred Eleven


Scenes From the Old Mill District...

Bridge Brennan-2

The Sculpture

Bridge Brennan-1

old mill flower-1

The Stacks