Friday, October 15, 2010

Day Two Hundred Eighty Seven


Career Day At School...


And guess what she wants to be.

A photographer!

She’s good, too. Look!



Day Two Hundred Eighty Six


I’ve focused so much on photography since last year that I’ve found myself neglecting the other part of me...


The dust on the keys seems appropriate.

As soon as I can sing again, I’ll spend time with this piano.

And I’ll teach my son.

The Ther Heart of Me

Day Two Hundred Eighty Five


I was sick, but we cleaned the room anyway.

The kid on the bed might look a bit like an uncared for feral boy, but you should know that he cleans up well.

I couldn’t get the gum off of the floor by the bed, however...

Clean Room

Day Two Hundred Eighty Four


Okay, Okay...

You should know before you go browsing through this blog that I began this Project 365 just so I would (hopefully) develop the discipline of shooting- even when things weren’t going well and even if I wasn’t crazy about how it turned out. I had no idea that anyone would ever see it, but a few have. So, now, I’m anxious when I have an off- season and I know that it’s possible that a pro will stumble upon this blog and scoff. Just know that I’m aware, okay?


I’m writing all of this because I’ve had a VERY “off” week. But, in the spirit of learning and growing, I will post anyway.

Feel FREE to skip right over these next few... please!

In my defense, I’ve been crazy-dizzy from a head cold and I can’t seem to shoot a sharp photo to save my life. What you see is the best there is. Truly. I only hope that one of those amazing spurts of competency will follow soon.

Today was “College Day” for my daughter’s homecoming week. Her first. She totally showed up with a Oregon Duck football jersey, hat, beads, facepaint, etc.

This is what I ended up with...

Love a Duck