Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day One Hundred!!!!

Can you believe it? 
I stuck with something for a hundred days!
I know. Me neither.

This is a frozen sunrise walk this morning to the ball field at our community park...
Something so nostalgic about this one.
We can see it from our porch.

I loved the dugout as a kid

A tiny cleat print. Aww...

Sunrise over Newberry Crater

This? This is a log.
I was digging the texture...

Day Ninety Nine

The kid from yesterday belongs to a couple of my dear friends. I graduated with his dad and his mom is my boss. Yeah, I know. But it works.
They've opened a candy store in our town and she agreed to let me practice by taking pictures of their stuff. I'd like to go back to get some things right, but I like some of what I got.
Thanks, Jen!

Day Ninety Eight

This is my friend's son. He's such a sweetie!

Day Ninety Seven

I've been pouting and whining about our LATE Spring, really, since February. We live in a place where, honestly, this is the first proof of life I've found. I'm so excited!!


Day Ninety Six

He's a builder.
It's one of the things on his list of what he wants to be when he grows up.
He wants to build a beach house for his dad and I.
I could live with that!

Day Ninety Five

They say a dog is man's best friend.
When we were looking for a dog for this family, I had no idea that I could love him this much...
He's my walking buddy, my foot warmer, my floor cleaner.